Where did i come from

Hello, i’m Brian Lima, a 23 developer from Brazil, who likes Visual Studio and C# to a point that it might be even too much sometimes.

I work at a local company from the metallurgic industry, developing a in-house ERP full time and solving problems to our users desire, on my free time tho, when not gaming, i develop small things to exercise new techniques and to maybe help someone.

My first big project was Quick For Cortana, a artifical inteligence note taking app, in it users were able to talk to Cortana on Windows 8.1 phones to take notes and retrieving those later by asking to Cortana something that resembled their note, eg:

The app would identify pronouns, conectors and determine the answer, then read it aloud for the user. Sadly, i kinda abandoned it after the move from Windows 8.1 to 10 when various problems started to pop, as Cortana always trying to use One-Note to take notes, which frustrated me and users and wasn’t a resolvable problem on my end. It got more then 100K downloads on the Windows Store.

Then last year i built UWPHook, a small tool that made possible to add Windows Store “UWP” games such as Forza and Gears of War to Steam as “non-Steam” games, without making users deal with scripting or permissions, i’ll enter on more details about it on my next post. The app got featured on various gaming comunities on Reddit and other forums, and smashed 20K downloads in almost a year, something i never predicted.

Right now, i started working with Arduinos and got somewhat into casemodding, soon you will hear about my next project.

Hope to post more soon, thanks for reading.